Based in the UK, we are a Napoleonic Re-enactment group portraying the French 76e Regiment d’Infanterie de Ligne as would have been over the period of 1809 to 1812. We are a welcoming group who re-enact both camp life and battles.


Our level of authenticity allows you the opportunity to become completely submerged in the time period and leave modern worries and stress behind for a while!

We have a number of unique features as a group including a historically correct Marauding unit and fabulous ties with our sister group the 5th Battn. 60th Regt. Rifles.We also limit the number of events we attend in a year, allowing you to maintain a healthy family, friends and work life as well as engaging in a wonderful weekend hobby!

Cannon Hall
A brilliant event the 76e attend hosted by the 33rd.
Two members of our line infantry meeting Napoleon for a casual chat!
Ric portraying one of the 76e Marauders, taking what he can from a casualty
Living History Encampment
Living history encampment at Wollaton Hall. You get to visit some beautiful locations with this hobby!
Fighting Cantiniere
Hannah portraying a fighting Cantiniere who works along side our Marauding cart. Photo credit to Alan Mackinnon.
Ric portraying an elite Marauding Soldier
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